Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Papernut Cambridge - Second Sun EP

Today's first feature is focuses on the Second Sun EP by a UK collective known as Papernut Cambridge.  The record is comprised of six songs of psychedelic pop, on some tracks unabashedly recalling the languid, pastoral psychedelia of decades past (e.g. "Second Sun") and on others injecting indie rock elements (e.g. "Lose Him").  It is an entertaining, well crafted and rewards multiple listens.

Papernut Cambridge is helmed by Ian Button, formerly of Death in Vegas and Thrashing Doves.  Other contributors include Robert Rotifer, Robert Halcrow, Ralegh Long, Darren Hayman, Jack Hayter, Citizen Helene, Emma Winston, and Mary Epworth.

Second Sun EP is out now in cassette and digital formats.  See the Bandcamp link below for details and a full stream of the album.

Bandcamp for Second Sun EP


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