Monday, April 10, 2017

Love Sport - Dull Tracks

Quite likely there is a bit of droll self-mockery in Love Sport naming their debut album Dull Tracks.  But perhaps there is a bit of clever marketing as well.  If they follow the philosophy that pleasing the customer can be accomplished by under-promising and over-delivering, they have an ace strategy.  If you are like us, you can't listen to the eight tracks on this album and not conclude that their brand of psychedelic pop and '90s-tinged indie rock has that special stuff that makes a record stand out.  There is euphoria, self-depreciation, and a good dose of humor, all presented with endearing melody and wall-to-wall fuzzy and dirty guitars.  This gang just may be the best college band since you left college.  And such great music shouldn't be left to the kids just learning to drink.  It belongs to you, the discriminating music fan.  Go get it!

Love Sport is Max Makinen, Aki Pohjankyro, Mikko Sulonen, and Teemu Tanner, with contributions from Liro Tulkki on Keys.  Dull Tracks is out on April 14 via Helsinki label Soliti Music.

Bandcamp for Dull Tracks
Soliti Music

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