Friday, April 14, 2017

"(I Admit It) I'm A Gardener" by Lush Purr

Scotland is often identified with golf.  However, Glasgow quartet Lush Purr marches to their own beat, and has chosen to be identified with miniature golf in their video for "(I Admit It) I'm A Gardener".  Relying on my keen eye for athletic talent, I don't expect we will see anyone from the band hoisting the winners cup from the British Open any time soon, but you should be very happy to see them on stage.  Absent that happy event, settle for their records; we don't think you will regret it.  Their debut LP, Cuckoo Waltz, will be released on May 5 by Song By Toad Records.  Of course, we'll have more about the album in a few weeks.  For now, enjoy the video.

Lush Purr is Gavin Will, Andy Fazio, Emma Smith, and Rikki Will.  You can pre-order Cuckoo Waltz at the Bandcamp link below.

Bandcamp for Cuckoo Waltz

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