Thursday, April 13, 2017

"Baby Boomers" by Breakfast Muff

Breakfast is important.  In his seminal work "Israelites", nutrition expert Desmond Dekker noted the value of getting up in the morning and slaving for bread so that every man can be fed.  But nutrition has advanced since the '60s, and bread may no longer be your choice to break your fast.  And in the interest of public service and our dear readers' health, we will suggest one of our favorite ways to start the day: Breakfast Muff.  The Glasgow trio has impressed us with the few songs we have heard so far, and today (over breakfast, of course) we were treated to their latest offering, "Baby Boomers".  A bracing blast of rhythmic punk that will begin your day wide awake and full of that attitude you need to deal with bosses, roommates and political pundits, it will be paired with "R U A Feminist" on the band's upcoming 7" to be released by London label Amour Foo on May 7.  The record will be available in your choice of vinyl or digital download.

Breakfast Muff are Eilidh McMillan, Simone Wilson, and Cal Donnelly, who switch instruments so there is no way to know who played what on the record.

We worry about you.  Take care of your body -- have some Breakfast Muff.

Bandcamp for Babyboomers / R U A Feminist

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