Tuesday, April 11, 2017

New songs by Zebra Hunt, new album in May

Zebra Hunt has been one of our favorite local bands for some time.  But we take our obligation to our readers so seriously that we will not recommend a band without current knowledge.  So I left the warmth of hearth and home (and a long list of home improvement projects) to see this band in shows on the two most recent Tuesdays (somewhat oddly, both times on the bill with an Australian band).  One could wonder whether they were stalking me, or I was stalking them.  But knowing that my parole officer never takes my side, I'll just observe that they are an excellent live band and very nice people, and say no more about that.

What I also will tell you is that In Phases, Zebra Hunt's second full length album is due in mid-May via Madrid's Tenorio Cotobade,  Having heard several songs, I assure you that the album will be a winner, so start saving whatever pennies the tax man doesn't take from you next week.  Two songs are available now, and you can enjoy them below.


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