Friday, April 28, 2017

Goss - Healthcare EP

The internet can make reputations quickly, and can forget yesterday's heroes with similar speed.  But the rise of Danish musician Goss is particularly notable.  His first solo effort was about nine months ago, and he already has a debut EP that sounds to our ears like a miniature hits compilation.  His brand of electro pop stands out by reason of his perfectly crafted arrangements, his soulful vocals, and his emphasis on the warmly romantic, rather than the icy and bleak, side of human affairs.  It is a winning combination to be sure, and I'm not worried that he is going to be forgotten any time soon.

We featured a number of the songs on the Healthcare EP a few weeks ago, but today we bring you the baby-making slow burn of "ljotwiyda", as well as a stream of the entire EP.  If you are like us, you are going to listen to it frequently all through the weekend.


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