Sunday, April 9, 2017

"Proud" by (Sandy) Alex G

There are songs that dive into your brain the way I dive under the quilt on a cold winter night after a hard day Nordic skiing in the mountains.  You get as deep as you can and you don't leave for anything short of a fire.  My most recent encounter with such a song is "Proud", by Philadelphia project (Sandy) Alex G.  The first time I heard it I think I replayed it about ten times.  I think that means the song and I are going steady, which is awkward because I'm married.  So if I have marital problems, I expect that I'll just blame Alex.

But regardless of my potential troubles, the song is a gem -- loose enough to make you feel good, and tight enough to have the kind of polish that can headline and album.  If you like the song as much as we do, note that it will be on the new album Rocket, to be released on May 19 by Domino Records.

Bandcamp for Rocket

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