Friday, April 21, 2017

Pinky Pinky - Pinky Pinky EP

What are teenagers these days up to?  Well, if we focus on Isabelle Fields, Eva Chambers, and Anastasia Sanchez, they are up to some very good things.  These LA teenagers form the band Pinky Pinky, and they are one of the most refreshing new acts I've heard this year.  You can be forgiven not having heard of them before, because their self-titled EP, which is out today via Innovative Leisure, is their first record, and they've never toured because two of the members are still in high school.  But with the release of Pinky Pinky and the upcoming graduations, you can hope that will change.

Opening song "Ram Jam" takes '60s retro and surf pop, washes it in dark tones, and then tosses it in your face with attitude.  Perhaps none of those elements are new, but the combination and execution here deserve accolades.  Next up is "Hot Under The Habit", a surging post punk tune with a dominant bass line.  "Spiders" has a bit of a middle eastern surf vibe reminiscent of regional guitar hero Dick Dale.  The EP closes with my second favorite song on the EP, the California-country shaded "Nest" (a cover of an old song written by Darby Slick).  This EP is a tasty treat indeed -- it sounds great and promises great stuff in the future from this trio.  Enjoy a couple of tracks below, and hit the Bandcamp link for a full stream and ordering information.

Bandcamp for EP

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