Wednesday, April 26, 2017

"Shine 'em up Sadie" by Douglas Firs

Belgian Gertjan Van Hellemont has adopted the name Douglas Firs for his musical creations.  We don't know the origin of the moniker, but the man's influences clearly run to American indie rock, and specifically to worthies such as Neil Young, Wilco, The Band, and Ryan Adams.  The more upbeat songs have a satisfying crunch and a bit of country rock grit.  When dialed down, they deliver a very effective folky sound.

Van Hellemont traveled in Canada and the US last fall, working on songs for a new album.  Our first taste of his new efforts is "Shine 'em up Sadie", inspired the story of an Italian immigrant family in New York in the 1920s.  The song finds Douglas Firs in an upbeat, pop mode, and it is a good sound for them.

In addition to Gertjan Van Hellemont, Douglas Firs are Sem van Hellemont, Simon Casier, Senne Guns, and Lokko.  The new album will be released this Fall via Dutch label Excelsior Recordings.

Excelsior Recordings

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