Sunday, April 9, 2017


Ahhh, the lodestar of kisses, "the perfect kiss".  Of course, when given a choice between the elusive perfect kiss and the variety of lesser kisses we more frequently encounter, we would choose the perfect over the imperfect (ignoring for purposes of discussion what other levels of encounter are on offer with the kiss).  That doesn't mean we feel badly about lesser kisses.  One doesn't know until we kiss whether the act will achieve perfection, and we'll add that when it comes to real kisses, we am fairly catholic -- you may kiss us even if you suspect your kiss isn't perfect.

However, when you encounter a perfect kiss, it overshadows the pretenders.  So too, in pop music.  Thus, we bring you a musical perfect kiss.  And not to be coy, it is THE PERFECT KISS (all caps, in case you didn't catch the import of the words themselves).  Their debut mini-LP is Disconnect, and after listening closely, we'd have to observe that it is a wonderful thing when the audacity of the promise in the name matches the execution.  The project is headed by the pop-tastic Joe Moore, who previously fronted THE YEARNING and Lia Pamina.  For Disconnect, Joe provides all the instrumentation on a vintage Yamaha PortaSound PSS-450.  He has recruited Holly Vanags to sing, and it is an inspired choice as her sweet, delicate voice complements the material perfectly.  The songs have all of the sugary melodies and sign-provoking hooks of classic indie pop purveyors such as Ladytron, Saint Etienne, with the added wry thematic spin of a Stephin Merrit (The Magnetic Fields, Future Bible Heroes and others).  Joe's lyrical observations address disillusionment and disconnection in today's world, and you follow along with the lyrics while streaming the entire album at the Bandcamp link below.  In fact, we recommend streaming it -- consider it the equivalent of an extended musical perfect kiss.

Disconnect is available now in 10" vinyl or digital download formats via Madrid's Elefant Records.  You can find some details at the Bandcamp link below, and stream the album.

Bandcamp for Disconnect
Elefant Records page for Disconnect

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