Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Oliver Tank - Oliver Tank

One memorable line from '80s music is found in Murray Head's "One Night In Bangkok", where the narrator responds to various fleshy distractions on offer with "I get my kicks above the waist, Sunshine".  Now, let it be understood that there is nothing about Oliver Tank's self-titled debut album that reminds one of Murray Head, "One Night In Bangkok", or the '80s.  But that is my point.  While much electro pop seems aimed at the listeners feet, or perhaps other parts of the anatomy below the waist, Oliver Tank seems to me to be focused on the space between the ears, and the listener's heart.  There is excitement in the ten tracks, but it is an excitement derived from the details adorning the brooding, ambient creations -- the plunked notes, spare synths, plaintive lyrical lines emerging from the mist.  And those contemplative sections, which are delightful for their own sake, enhance the listener's pleasure in the moments when the pace quickens and the beats become more pronounced.  The Sydney musician has created a debut of which he can be proud, and on which he can build for the future.

For me, the best songs are "Unreal", "Swerve", "Charlene", "Falling", and "Letting Go".  Several are available for streaming below, and you can hear the entire album at the Bandcamp link at the bottom of this post.

Bandcamp for album

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