Monday, April 10, 2017

"Tall Poppies" by School Damage

Perhaps it isn't a newsworthy flash that members of existing Melbourne bands combine to form a new band (in fact, it may be more newsworthy if members of a Melbourne indie rock project only participated in one band).  But while it also isn't unusual if the recombination produces a good song, or two, or ten, it is newsworthy to us, because bringing good new music to our readers is what we do.  Today's edition of "new band combination" is School Damage, which brings together Carolyn, Dani, Jeff, and Jake from other bands such as Ausmuteants and Chook Race.  Their debut album will be out in June via Chapter Music, but the wobbly, sad sack delights of "Tall Poppies", the first single form the album, are now available.  Enjoy!

Bandcamp for "Tall Poppies"
Chapter Music page for "Tall Poppies"

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