Monday, April 17, 2017

Bod - True Cinnamon

Well, I must say this little gem rocks in all the right ways.  I'm not surprised -- when Seattle quartet Bod's past/other projects include Oberhofer, EZTV, Telekinesis, Sloucher, Crater, and Boat, you know that there will be an abundance of rock and pop talent to fill every nook and cranny of every song.  Perhaps the result is power pop, but it is power pop with big muscles and loud crunchy guitars borrowed from the '90s.  And there is the sly Seattle music industry humor as well, with songs titled "Fleetwood Zach" (in honor of member Zach Dimmick?), "Jet Ski", and "Fake Cinnamon", a 33 bit of barely audible ambient sound preceding title track "True Cinnamon".  But make no mistake, in the four true songs on this EP Bod firmly establishes their chops for psychedelic garage, post punk, power pop and '90s alt rock, with plenty of hooks and harmonies riding the waves of guitars, drums and synths.  Is this what the kids are calling rock these days?  Well, then, give us more of it.

Bod is Jonathan Angle, Zach Dimmick, Lance Umble, and Ben Roth.  True Cinnamon, the band's second EP, is out now as a digital download or double 7" vinyl via Tacoma's Swoon Records.  Happily, the band is working on a full length.

Bandcamp for True Cinnamon
Swoon Records

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