Monday, June 9, 2014

"Skydive" from Astronauts

We are offered music to get us dancing, music to cause us to pump our fists, music to set the scene with a loved one.  But to where do we turn when we come home late at night and need something tangible to fill those moments by yourself?  May I suggest filling that time with "Skydive".  "Skydive" is a three-track single release from former Dark Captain Dan Carney, who now is recording and performing as Astronauts.  The single consists of  the title track and the RocketNumberNine and Cloudy mixes of the title track.  The title track beautifully combines breathy dream-pop vocals with a minimalist beat that infuses a sense of urgency and, at times, anxiousness, as the song builds and additional instruments add their voices.  The song is taken from Astronauts debut LP, Hollow Ponds.  Using the original track as a springboard, the mixes head in different directions.  RocketNumberNine turns "Skydive" into and elector-psychedelic jam, while Cloudy recasts the track as an assembly of beat and rhythm clusters.  The effect of the three tracks is an extended late night mix that I find delightful.  The video and stream of "Skydive" are below.  You can stream the remixes here.  The single is available now via Lo Recordings.  Check their website below or try your favorite digital store.

Lo Recordings

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