Tuesday, June 24, 2014

REVIEW: The Zebras - Siesta

Siesta, the third album from The Zebras, is a guitar pop delight from beginning to end.  If you sample it without knowing anything about the band you might nod knowingly and conclude that jangling tunes like this must originate in Scandinavia, the more melodic side of some Glasgow street, or perhaps Brighton.  However, The Zebras list their home as Melbourne, Australia, so score another victory for the land down under.

The songwriting here is first class, with the sort of breath-catching hooks you expect form the best in this genre.  But nevertheless, the tunesmithing here is forced to share the honors with soaring male/female vocals and a driving rhythm section.  Most of the tracks are fast-paced and bouncy, perfect for a summer session in the sun or a drive to the beach.  But the band gets the emotional weight spot-on for the handful of slower numbers as well.  The only reason to not get this album would be if you aren't in a good place to fall in love with a set of songs, because there really is no other reason.

Siesta is out now on CD and vinyl via Jigsaw Records (Australian fans can buy it at Lost and Lonesome Recording Co.).

The Zebras herd is Jeremy Cole, Edwina Ewins, Lachlan Franklin, Katie Geppert and Dave Rose.

Jigsaw Records
Jigsaw Records' Bandcamp page for Siesta
Lost and Lonesome Recording Co.

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