Tuesday, June 3, 2014

"Hitched" from Kent Goolsby

I was impressed by Trophies of Youth, the 2013 debut LP from former Only Sons member Kent Goolsby (review here), so I have occasionally wondered what KEG is up to. I received my answer a few weeks ago when the man wrote me to announce the release of "Hitched", his new single for This Is American Music.  The product of his sessions for his second album, "Hitched" finds Goolsby exploring a finger picking western swing style in the joyful title track.  The bluesy B-side, which you can identify by its name -- "B-Side Blues" -- is a soulful acoustic track that provides a nice contrast to the opening party.

"Hitched" is available today via This Is American Music as a digital download at iTunes and Amazon.

Kent Goolsby & the Gold Standard are Kent Goolsby (guitar/vocals), Steve Daly (guitar/pedal steel/vocals), Joey Kneiser (drums/percussion/vocals), and Bingham Barnes (bass).  Joey Kneiser also handled the recording, mixing and mastering duties.

This Is American Music

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