Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"Demonstration" by Alan Smithee, free download

We introduced Scottish band Alan Smithee here a few months ago via their "Snooze" single on the Flowers in the Dustbin label (here).  They are back with Demonstration, a two track single consisting of "Alan Smithee" and "Sonic".  The first track is a woozy bit of psychedelia that picks up some garage rock muscle just as you expect the song to be winding down.  "Sonic" seems to me to be a post punk tune deconstructed and artfully and deliberately assembled not quite according to traditional expectations.  It all is interesting stuff with a great promise for the future.  Moreover, it is free at the Bandcamp link.

Alan Smithee is Andrew Burns (vocals/guitar), Ruaridh Macpherson (guitar/vocals), Ryan Macpherson (bass), and Joe White (drums).  Demonstration is out now via Glasgow's Flowers in the Dustbin label.

Bandcamp for record
Flowers in the Dustbin

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