Thursday, June 5, 2014

"Lovejunky" and the Return of The Popguns

One of the best bits of music news I've heard recently is that Brighton's The Popguns are back together again.  And not just together, but writing new music!  The results are a three-track single titled Lovejunky, which will be released in July, to be followed by an entire album of new material.  The ace title track of the single can be streamed below.

The Popguns were formed in 1987, at first issuing some impressive singles, eventually compiled in a record called Eugenie, and then the full album Snog in 1991.  They continued to produce quality music for labels such as Medium Cool, Midnight Music and Third Stone, characterized by ringing guitars (lots of them) and Wendy Morgan's wonderful vocals.  Some writers likened them to The Wedding Present with a female vocalist, and the comparison has some weight to it.  Around 1996, the band faded away as its members got on with life.  But they weren't forgotten, and fans such as myself have continued to play their music.  In fact, on the day I learned of their new recordings I had their Another Year Another Address compilation in my car's CD player.  It seems that Simon, Wendy and some others got together for some small gigs in 2012, and that has proceeded to more gigs, festivals and new music.  So, that brings you up to date.  Experience "Lovejunky" and we'll look forward to more of The Popguns.

Both Lovejunky and the new album will be released by Matinee Recordings.

Matinee Recordings page for release

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