Wednesday, June 4, 2014

King Tears Mortuary - Asleep At the Wheel of Fortune EP 7"

Why use drugs to give yourself a jolt when you can use nice, legal music?  May I prescribe instead Asleep At the Wheel of Fortune from Sydney's King Tears Mortuary?  For a modest investment you can get six songs spanning a bit over nine minutes.  The tunes are lo-fi, energetic, sometimes almost punkish and sometimes a bit noisily sweet, with male/female vocals and a rhythm section that clearly has been told that their parole will be revoked if they don't give it their all.  Like illegal drugs, you will want to enjoy this music over and over, which with a nine-minute high is perfectly understandable.  However, unlike illegal drugs you only have to pay once  -- and it isn't much -- and know how to work a repeat button.

Interested?  You should be.  Try out a couple of songs below, or go to the linked Bandcamp page and enjoy the entire record.  Bandcamp also is your friend for purchases from Vacant Valley, the Melbourne label that brings you this little beauty.

"Grease Trap"

"Face Blind"


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