Sunday, June 15, 2014

"Car" by JUNK

It probably isn't unusual to hear your friends say that there is a lot of the music on the airwaves these days is junk.  But it hasn't been junk like JUNK.  This JUNK is lo-fi, jangly, a bit poppy and a bit punky.  Following up on their excellent jangling pop rush "All I Really Wanna Do (Is Baby Get Drunk With You)" -- for which we have provided a stream and a link to a download (yes, I know, we really are wonderful people here at WYMA), the band has gone semi-professional and is preparing to release the four-track Car EP in early July.  The lead track is here for your ears to taste.

JUNK are Estella Adeyeri (vocals, guitar), Sam Coates (vocals, guitar), and Danny Barton (drums), and they are from York, UK.  The Car EP will be released by CHUD Records.

This track is a free download here.

CHUD Records (Facebook)

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