Sunday, June 15, 2014

NEW SONG: Tussilago - "Say Hello"

Tussilago is a Swedish band playing psychedelic, languid, reverb-heavy guitar rock. Not only is the music intriguing, the vocals are well-produced and the lead singer has a warm, full baritone which sort of adds to the musical interest.

The band consists of Pierre Riddez, Rickard Renström, Samuel Lundin and Zacharias Zachrisson, and they formed in 2011. They cite inspiration in bands like Dungen, The Doors, Fela Kuti and Deerhunter - a pretty wide swath of influences, and that sort of informs the breadth of their cinematic sound. Washes of keyboards, with some very pretty plucked guitar lines, eventually (over about the last 1:00 or so) opening up into a full-on guitar attack. In addition to their claimed influences, I'd also recommend this if you like Tame Impala.

Here's an earlier track, "Farewell" - an instrumental even more languid and measured than "Say Hello", it's every bit as beautiful, with a space-inspired fadeout at the end:

They promise an album in the fall, on their label, Stockholm-based Ingrid... something to look forward to. More at their links below.

Ingrid Records

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