Friday, December 16, 2022

The Catburgers - Dreamworld Sessions


We can't claim to have been lucky enough to have seen The Catburgers perform in Edinburgh back in the '80s, but probably not many can. More would have heard them if the songs that they recorded for Dan (Television Personalities) Treacy's Dreamword label had ever worked their way to the top of the "print" list, but that didn't happen either. Fortunately the good folks at Copenhagen's FELT label grabbed those recordings and had them remastered. The result is the three-song Dreamworld Sessions. The 7" is available in vinyl or digital at the links below. You might be interested if you are into collecting Scottish music, or it you are a jangle pop fan, or you are a C86 era obsessive, or if you thrill to collecting rare music. But our reason is simple -- these are damn fine tunes that we would want whenever and wherever recorded by anybody. So there!


Bandcamp for Dreamworld Sessions (digital)

Rubadub page for Dreamworld Sessions (vinyl)

FELT bandcamp page

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Ian McKelvie said...

Great stuff. Can see the small room and the tascam