Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Long Odds - Fine Thread


Fine Thread is not a new release, although it was released in the first half of this year. But we won't let the fact that we belatedly discovered it to keep it off this blog. It is a fine album of lo fi guitar pop that we would have featured if we had heard it last spring, so we bring it to you now with apologies to our readers and, especially, to Long Odds. Your ears may detect some Sebadoh or GBV, although only hints of main man Adam Elliott's fine former band New Times Viking. It is lo fi and recorded in mono, but the songs are pop earworms well-worth your time and cash. And speaking of cash, this is a 'name your price album' so you can give some holiday cheer to Long Odds and still feel good at beating inflation.


Bandcamp for album

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