Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Katie Lass - Hypnopomp


Hypnopomp is a multi-layered treasure box that might just be the best tapestry of sounds that you have heard in a long time. It is sufficiently different that it presents a challenge to describe, but we will try -- creator Katie Lass has earned that. The songs on this album are colorful and detailed bedroom pop that fall more on the atmospheric/ambient side as opposed to the more traditional pop song. But the melodies are sweet and the sounds are like quickly blossoming flowers in a multiple or colors. Perhaps an apt analogy is that it is a musical version of a kaleidoscope. You probably won't miss you friend's 'new favorite jam' if you don't listen to this album, but you would miss a delightful and rewarding listening experience.

Hypnopomp is out now in vinyl and digital formats via HHBTM Records and Remove Records.

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