Friday, December 23, 2022

Principia" by En Attendant Ana


Smarter indie pop fans than the brain trust here at WYMA may be long-time fans of Paris four-piece En Attendant Ana. We just learned of them this week. But we aren't too proud to jump on the bandwagon now. Our introduction is "Principia", the lead track, first single and title track of the band's upcoming album. We understand that En Attendant Ana is known for their jangle, but this track is infused with dynamics and layers that go beyond jangle pop. It is an intriguing glimpse at the band's talent and we eagerly await the full length from our new friends.

En Attendant Ana are Margaux Bouchaudon, Camille Frechou, Maxence Tomasso, and Adrien Pollin. Principia will be out February 24, 2023 via Trouble In Mind Records.




Bandcamp for Principia

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