Saturday, April 9, 2022

Romero -Turn It On!


What is a Romeo and where might one find it? The answer is Romero is a five-headed music beast comprised of a big dose of punk, an even bigger dose of powerpop and classic rock, and a bit of channeling the love child of Blondie and Joan Jett. All of that is driven by a jaw-dropping vocal performance, twin guitars and a powerful rhythm section delivering your weekend party tunes from Melbourne -- packaged in their just released LP Turn It On! As for where to find them, check the entertainment bill at you local club. If is there, you should be there too. If they aren't, just get the album. Too few bands are making music in this vein these days, and too few of those who do are really good at it. Romero is really good at it. Get this record, turn it on, and turn it up.

Romero are Alanna Oliver, Adam Johnstone, Fergus Sinclair, Justin Tawil, and Dave Johnstone. Turn It On! is out now via Feel It Records and Cool Death.





Bandcamp for Turn It On!

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