Thursday, April 7, 2022

fine. - Fine


fine. is quite fine, thanks for asking. A duo of Liam James Marsh of Sheffield, UK, who also performs as Kid Chameleon, and Alice Kat of Boston, fine. has an excellent touch with indie pop, fuzz, jangle and weaves those elements into affecting, melodic creations. This self-titled album contains a generous 26 tracks comprised of their 2021 album I'm Glad It's Over Now (tracks 1-11) and 15 additional tracks curated by Liam from their catalogue of singles and EPs. Fine was available in double CD format, but those beauties are sold out. However, the digital album is available for 'name your price'.

Fine is a collection of top tunes with variety and a plentitude of hooks decorating well-crafted melodies. The duo could be forgiven if the rested on their laurels after this one, but we hope they don't.

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