Friday, February 28, 2020

Close Lobsters - Post Neo Anti: Arte Povera In The Forest Of Symbols

Today is a non-stop party here at WYMA World Headquarters, and for multiple reasons. Of course, there is the "it's Friday" excuse, and the "oh my God it was sunny in Seattle for a few days in the last week of February" reason. But the major justification is that we are going to tell you about an album that will be among our favorites at the end of the year. So, let's get started.

The album is Post Neo Anti: Arte Povera In The Forest Of Symbols. It is the creation of Close Lobsters, which was formed in Glasgow several decades ago and were, for us, the go-to band and the jangling end of the C-86 spectrum. They released two albums in the latter half of the '80s, and then dropped off of the radar. They never actually disbanded, and their music was never far from our ears, but there was nothing new until an EP in 2014. Give the men credit, they have raised 'taking a bit of time off' to a very high level. But the crazy, wonderful thing is that the band have come back sounding as good or better than before, and with some of the best songs they have ever written. Understandably, there is a bit of maturity in their perspective, but the songs retain the airy charm and youthful vigor of their first two albums. Every song is a winner, so we just keep playing the album start to finish, and then beginning again.

Close Lobsters are Andrew Burnett, Stewart McFadyen, Bob Burnett, Tom Donnelly, and Jim Taylor. The album is a co-release from Last Night In Glasgow (UK) and Shelflife Records (US), and is available in digital, vinyl and CD formats (limited edition vinyl is sold out already). As the old saying (almost) goes: Keep your friends close and your Close Lobsters closer. Translated to normal, non-insane English, get yourself a copy of Post Neo Anti: Arte Provera in the Forest of Symbols now.

Bandcamp for album

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Gonzalo said...

It's an incredible album, I just can't stop listening to it over and over and over, it's that good. From "Bird free" to "Let the days drift away" to "NYC in space" to anything else on it, there is not a single track on there you could call a filler. Amazing!