Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Perfect English Weather - Call Me When The Rain Comes EP

We never get enough of The Perfect English Weather. No, not "that" perfect English weather with the rain and fog - we have enough of that is Seattle.  We mean the project of Wendy and Simon Pickles, who have chosen that name for their musical creations separate from their larger, long-running guitar pop band The Popguns. Astute readers (we always assume that some of you qualify), may ask why, when last fall the duo released an album titled Don't You Want To Feel The Rain (link to our feature), they are now following six months later with Call Me When The Rain Comes EP.  The answer is that there were three songs that weren't quite 'baked' sufficiently for inclusion on the Fall 2018 album (and the album already had 13 tracks).  However, Wendy and Simon deemed the three songs to be ready for our ears, and have released them with a new mix of the title track from the aforementioned album.  To our ears, The Perfect English Weather have gotten it exactly right on this EP.  The lead track pops with new drumming from Spiritualized's Jonny Aitken and the three new tracks are terrific.  Of the four songs, we are particularly taken with the delicate beauty of  "She Isn't Counting On A Miracle", and the more robust pop delights of the emotional "How Could I Ever?".  Truly worth your time.

Call Me When The Rain Comes EP is out this weekend in digital and CD formats via Matinee Recordings.

Bandcamp for EP
Matinee Records page for EP

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