Sunday, May 12, 2019

Emma Russack - "Winter Blues"

We count ourselves among the fans of Australian singer songwriter Emma Russack.  Admittedly, we have plenty of company in the fanclub, but this is one of those occasions where going along with the flow is indisputably the correct decision.  Emma will be releasing Winter Blues, her new album, on July 5, and we expect a genuine treat.   Of course, it isn't July anywhere yet, but here, for your listening pleasure, here is the title track, which is now available as a single.  The song is an excellent example of the songwriting art -- concise, melodic and unfussy.  And as to Emma's point that it is too easy to blame our failings on external influences such as seasonal blues, we have known people who do just that, although we certainly never would do so.

The album will be release via Osborne Again and Spunk Records in Australia and New Zealand, and Melodic Records in the UK.

Bandcamp for album

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