Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Joseph Black - Northern Exposure

We have been paying attention to the musical projects of New Jersey's Joseph Black for a number of years, and we are richer for the experience.  First with Honeydrum, then Donovan Blank, and now under his own name, he creates melodic, lo-fi gems that never fail to delight us.  His new album is Northern Exposure, and it offers a ten-track romp reminiscent of '80s synth pop.  The tones are bright, and the music soars with feel-good fervor.  If you like synth pop, this album may be your musical find of the week.

Northern Exposure is out now via Chill Mega Chill Records.  It is a bargain digital download, but a very small number of cassettes are available as well.

Bandcamp for Northern Exposure
Chill Mega Chill Records

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