Tuesday, March 6, 2018

In Tall Buildings - Akinetic

If musical notes and melodies were colors, then listening to Akinetic, by Chicago's In Tall Buildings, is like diving into a three-dimensional painting of bright colors and varied and layered textures.  This is music that reaches out to engage you, happy to reveal its wonders and delight you at every twist, turn and change.  And it is sublimely structured and executed by an artist who is hyper aware of the breadth of his ideas and the arsenal of tools to express them.  With songs like these, he doesn't need to push you into the painting, but rather just give you a look.  Your immersion then becomes inevitable.

In Tall Buildings is the project of multi-talented Erik Hall, who recorded this album in his home studio with producer Brian Deck.  Akinetic is out now via Western Vinyl.

Bandcamp for Akinetic
Western Vinyl page for orders

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