Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Goddam Nobody - Dead Beat

We like to style ourselves as the champions of the undersigned, unsigned, little knowns, unknowns, just-getting-started and even a Goddam Nobody.  In fact, this post isn't even our first attempt at promoting Goddam Nobody.  Avid readers and shut-ins with no television may remember our October 2015 introduction to Goddam Nobody (here), which included some free downloads.  Happily, Matthew Oliver, who is the primary Goddam Nobody (although he has help from Ben Woods, Daniel Morris, Matt Cleave, and Dan E. Brown), has crafted an EP that will be available via Super Fan 99 this Friday, February 24.  The man has a knack for hooks and melodies in which to place them, and his lo-fi fuzzy guitar style hits our sweet spot.  For this outing Oliver's songs have a bit less of the '60s retro style and a bit more '90s alt rock style.  You won't hear any complaints from us, and if you are a fan of the Brian Jonestown Massacre you may be particularly pleased.  Check out showcase title tune "Dead Beat", and if you want more, stream it below.

Superfan 99 Records page for Dead Beat
Superfan 99 Records on Soundcloud

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