Friday, February 3, 2017

Allison Crutchfield - Tourist In This Town

Welcome to Allison Crutchfield's coming out party.  Oh, sure, she has been around in Swearin', Bad Banana, and P.S. Eliot, but Tourist In This Town marks the beginning of her new solo career.  And what a beginning -- mature and assured without being glossy, loaded with pop smarts while retaining the passion and attitude of her indie rock efforts.  The melodies are interesting and varied, and Crutchfield's vocals are note-perfect.  Yeah, it is a bit of a breakup album, but the adept songwriting and superb delivery keep the listeners focused on the song, not the background.  And at the end of the day, there is promise and hope rather than despair.  And speaking of promise and hope, we think we're going to enjoy the new Allison Crutchfield for a long time.

Tourist In This Town is out now via Merge Records.

Merge Records page for Tourist In This Town

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