Friday, November 11, 2016

Virginia Wing - Forward Constant Motion

We think Alice Merida Richards and Sam Pillay, the duo that comprises London's Virginia Wing, love their listeners, but just may dislike music journalists.  The evidence for the first component of our theory is the delightfully varied and inventive music on their new album Forward Constant Motion.  The evidence for the second component of our theory is the challenge presented by trying to describe their music.

The album contains warm Tropicalia, then skittering percussion, then dancing grooves, then someones hallucination set to glorious music.  Add in some drone and a dash of techno.   And pop music that dissolves into something else, and then pops out of the closet and says "boo, I'm pop again".  None of it comes at the time, or from the direction, you expect -- perhaps a bit like the musical equivalent of watching changes images in a set of changing warped mirrors.  But nevertheless, it all comes at a time and from a direction that is better than what you expected.

Get up and move forward with Virginia Wing.

Forward Constant Motion is out as of November 11 via Fire Records.

Bandcamp for Forward Constant Motion
Fire Records

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