Wednesday, November 16, 2016

alansmithee / Menage a Trois (split album)

Here is an unusual split release consisting of five songs from WYMA favorite Scottish slop pop/psychedelic band alansmithee, and five songs from their friends Menage a Trois.  You can buy each "side" of the release at respective Bandcamp pages (links below), or perhaps download all ten from a digital retailer.  They hope to have physical CDs available soon.

The alansmithee side is the dreamy, psychedelic guitar pop we count on them to deliver.  The side provided by Menage a Trois takes a more groove/funk-oriented approach to psychedelia.  Together, this may just be your find of the week.  Stream below to hear for yourselves.  The Bandcamp links are provided.  I've also included links for alansmithee.  I was unable to find anything useful for Menage a Trois, but I'll warn that the name in a search engine may not be a good idea.

Bandcamp for alansmithee's five songs
Bandcamp for Menage a Trois' five songs
Facebook for alansmithee
Twitter for alansmithee

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