Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Peter Astor - Mr Music

Mr. Music is an appropriate label for Peter Astor.  Founder of beloved and influential guitar pop bands The Loft and The Weather Prophets, long-time solo artist, lecturer in the Music Department of the University of Westminster, and author of a book on Richard Hell and the Voidoids' album Blank Generation,  he is deservedly respected.  But Mr. Music also is the name of Astor's latest record, and in typically delightful Astorian fashion it both justifies his reputation and proves that he continues to be a vital contributor to pop music.  The title track, which is one of my favorite songs of recent years, combines the composer's gift for simple and enduring melodies, his warm and distinctive talk-sing vocal style and the backing vocal and instrumental assistance of James Hoare (Veronica Falls/Ultimate Painting/The Proper Ornaments).  Quite simply, it is pop perfection.  To my ears there is a connection with one of my favorite songs from The Weather Prophets catalog, "Joe Schmo and the Eskimo", which I played a few times after five or six repeats of "Mr. Music".  The B-side is the dreamy "Armitage Shanks", which features soft vocals over shimmering guitar.

Mr. Music is out via Fortuna POP! on 7" vinyl, and as a digital download from the usual suspects, Amazon and iTunes.  Let's all give a warm welcome the Mr. Music.

Fortuna POP!

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