Thursday, July 16, 2015

Eternal Summers - Gold and Stone

Eternal Summers seems to be in a good place in two respects.  First, they have arrived in a musical traffic circle converging dream, noise, fuzz, '90s alt rock and shoegaze.  Second, they are quite good at it, and I think Gold and Stone, their fourth album, is their best effort yet.  Perhaps the most delightful attribute of this band is that despite their core penchant for dreamy soundscapes, they often gleefully perform it all on steroids, or at least on a plenitude of caffeine.  Vocals soar in anthemic fashion, guitars paint broad strokes and punctuate with feedback.  They can play the Galaxie 500 card with panache, as evidenced by the lovely "Ebb Tide", but their core tendency clearly is the rocking end of guitar pop.  And why not?  Nicole's voice and guitar, Jonathan's bass, and Daniel's drums all do is so well.

Eternal Summers is Nicole Yun (guitar, vocals), Jonathan Woods (bass), and Daniel Cundiff (drums). Gold and Stone is out now via Kanine Records.


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