Thursday, February 21, 2019

Holiday Ghosts - West Bay Playroom

You know how TV series have a theme song that plays at the beginning (and often the end) of every weekly show?  Well, if WYMA were like a TV series, our 2019 theme album would be West Bay Playroom.  The sophomore LP by Falmouth, UK four-piece Holiday Ghosts often is the first album played in the morning and the last one played at night, and it may well get a work-out in between.  What makes it so special?  In our opinion, many things.  There is the loose, rootsy feel to the performances, the punk/garage attitude, the ramshackle and live-take vibe, the impressive variety of the arrangements (roots/country/blues/instrumental/rock), and the multiple perspectives from the several songwriters and performers.  But perhaps most endearing is the joy of making music that radiates from every track.  And with a generous 14 tracks, this is a set of songs that provides true, long-play satisfaction.

This year we are going to list our favorite albums of every calendar quarter as a way of helping the reader get a sense of what we've liked the most of the current releases, and to spur us to actually get back into producing a year-end list.  Please be advised that West Bay Playroom will be on the list for the first quarter.  Listen to it.  Buy it.  Play it.

Holiday Ghosts are Sam Stacpoole, Kat Rackin, Ryan Cleave, and Charlie Fairbairn.  West Bay Playroom is out now in vinyl and digital formats via PNKSLM Recordings.

Bandcamp for West Bay Playroom
PNKSLM Recordings

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