Saturday, July 21, 2018

GUMS! - Flats (2012-2016)

Here is your musical treat for the weekend, a big batch of GUMS!  No, not "gum", GUMS!  That's plural, all caps, 81.4 percent jangle, 15.9 percent punk, 65.7 percent twee, 99 percent beer,  and 100 percent DIY.  However, there are no artificial ingredients -- this gang is Glasgow indie from skin to bone.  Through the course of their credible, but not yet famous, career the band has issued singles, EPs and split releases.  They claim to be working on a full length of their very own, but have generously decided to offer the best 14 songs of the period 2012-2016 as a free download compilation titled Flats (2012-2016).  So get busy, and collect some of the finest free music you can find short of shoplifting.

The main man of GUMS! is Martin Smith.  Other players include Jack Taylor, Nora Noonan, Gave Gillies, Joe Greatorex, Tommy Duffin, and Callum Baird.  By the way, we have no idea whether main man Martin Smith chews gum, but we have our top interns checking it out.

Bandcamp for album

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