Monday, April 6, 2015

The Tamborines - Sea of Murmur

The Tamborines are Brazilian male-female duo Henrique Laurindo (guitar/vocals) and Lulu Grave (drums/vocals).  Based in London, their latest release is the 11-track Sea of Murmur, and offers melodic power pop with obvious conviction and, when appropriate, serious volume (e.g. "Black & Blue", "Slowdown", and "Dreaming Girls").  Thematically, the album dwells in the melancholy register with sharp looks at love and life, which is no surprise when you learn that it was written as the personal relationship between the players was disintegrating.  But the beautiful melodies anchor the songs and render a warm-sounding and coherent set of songs.  The style varies from the psychedelic-tinged folk rock of "Another Day" to the My Bloody Valentine noise levels of "Black & Blue" to the Teenage Fanclub-like feel of tracks 3-8, including "Ghost At The Lighthouse", Fellini's Thorn", and "Said The Spider To The Fly".

Sea of Murmur should prove a very satisfying listen for power pop fans, especially those that like a wistful and melancholy tint.  You can stream the entire album at the Bandcamp link below, which probably also is the best source for purchase.

Sea of Murmur is available in vinyl, CD and digital formats via the band's own Beat-Mo Records.


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