Friday, April 17, 2015

Dog Legs - Holiday EP

Oh those kids -- they do like to make noise.  But we aren't telling London/Brighton's Dog Legs to turn down the damn stereo because, truth be told, this duo makes really good noise.  Comprising Moema Meade and Liam Bradbury, their talents are well-displayed on their cassette/download mini-album Holiday EP.

Starting with a bang, opening track "Holiday" provides enough volume, noise, melody and fuzz for a whole album.  "Ugly" offers some bratty girl-group touches over a muscular garage arrangement.  "I Trusted You Is 100% punk energy compacted into just under two minutes, followed by a 36-second ode to an ice cream cone.  Apparently our young heroes are dessert-obsessed, because track six is the rootsy "Xmas Cookie".  The throbbing "Messy Cloud" is one of my favorites, but lamentably too brief.  The closing "Things I'll Never Be" is a fitting bookend to the opening track.  This release is out today, just in time to jump start your weekend.

You can stream the Holiday EP at the Bandcamp link below.  It is available only as a limited edition cassette with digital download from the sharp talent scouts at Scotland's Soft Power Records.

Bandcamp for Holiday EP

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