Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Kane Strang - Blue Cheese

Dunedin, New Zealand's Kane Strang in one of the artists we have been following for a while.  He creates melodic guitar pop with layers of sound that render the compositions full, yet unfussy.  You can detect a strain of historic Dunedin guitar pop, but there are more psychedelic and dream pop touches and nary a hint of punk.  Kane's debut LP, Blue Cheese, is available now as a digital download on Bandcamp,  It consists of nine well conceived and individualistic songs that bear the mark of a true pop craftsman.  By turns dark and mysterious (e.g. the opener "Web Web") and buoyant (e.g. "What's Wrong?") the album lays down a fulsome soundtrack that begs to be played loudly.  And because it is over in 25 minutes, it begs, and deserves, to be replayed.

The young man has talent -- give him some love.


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