Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Superstar - Table for Two

Six tracks of delicate precision and beauty, as if they were formed from crystal and lace.  Sparkling synths, thoughtful keys and hushed female vocals are complemented by cascading guitar lines and drum machines in the lower register.  Table for Two is the work of the enigmatic Melbourne band Supertar.  The duo of Esther Edquist (keys/vocals) and Kieran Hegarty (guitar/drum machines) have an unhurried approach to their art, and this album follows their debut album by two years.  The tempos are stately, but one senses the emotion burning below the surface, and delights at the bursts of playfulness.  This is one for turning down the lights and putting on the earphones.  Absolutely stunning!

Table for Two is available in vinyl and digital via Bedroom Suck Records.

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