Thursday, April 9, 2015

Dollar Bar - Hot Ones

We have some hot ones for you.  How do we know they are hot ones?  It says so right in the album title -- we aren't complete idiots here!  In our view,  Hot Ones from Australia's Dollar Bar is a fulsome celebration of one of the most exuberant forms of rock music - lo-fi garage rock.  It also reminds me of what it might be like to go to your local pub on Friday night, and have 16 conversations while consuming a comforting amount of beer.  Some conversations are short, some are longer.  Some are humorous, and some are sad.  But there is plenty of embellishment and self-deprecation because,  well, because beer.  The soundtrack to the stories is garage and power pop, and you'll hear a bit of Guided By Voices, a bit of Weezer, a bit of Teenage Fanclub and perhaps a bit of Jonathan Richman.  The stylistic diversity is the result of three distinct songwriting voices, just as if your pub excursion included three lubricated storytellers.  And I have to love a band that once recorded a song titled "Cute Gurls Have the Best Diseases" (check it out on their Soundcloud page).

Oh, did I mention that the album is a free download at the Bandcamp link below?  Aren't these guys wonderful?  Their fine label Sonic Masala Records also has vinyl packages available at the link.

The wonderful and generous men of Dollar Bar are Chris Yates, Patrick McCabe and Dale Peachey, and their impeccable drummer Brendan Rosen.  Hot Ones is their third LP.

Bandcamp for Hot Ones


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