Monday, April 20, 2015

The Artisans release free song

Why settle for mass-produced, lowest common denominator pop music when you can have music created by artisans.  Yes, real live artisans.  In this case, The Artisans from the northeast of England.  Their carefully handcrafted little gem "However Much I Love You I Love Lloyd Honeyghan More" is a masterpiece of musical craft.  Ringing, jangling guitars over a sturdy backbeat and a melody that brings pleasant memories of Orange Juice and beloved C86 era bands.

With a melancholy edge and a story about boxer Lloyd Honeyghan, this single is likely to be one of your favorite songs for a long while.  You'd expect to pay artisanal prices for a song like this, and the band would deserve to get it.  But in an inspired bit of marketing, and a frightening disregard for their financial future, The Artisans are making the song available for a free download.  Yes even you can afford it.  For the download, see the Soundcloud link below or visit their webpage.  The Soundcloud link contains other songs from the band as well.

The Artisans are Kevin McGrother (vocals/guitar), Nick Thompson (lead guitar), Steve Thompson (drums), and Karen Forster (bass).


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