Thursday, April 2, 2015

REVIEW: Dot Dash - Earthquakes & Tidal Waves

Earthquakes & Tidal Waves completes the four course dinner from DC band Dot Dash.  If the first three discs can be considered the appetizer, soup & salad and main course, respectively, this one is the dessert.  And we all know that despite what we tell our internist in the annual exam, we most look forward to dessert.  So, Earthquakes & Tidal Waves is a heaping scoop of power pop ice cream with streaks of melodic punk and nuggets of alt rock.  It is tasty and satisfying, and reminds us why we like dessert ... I mean why we like rock music.

The first bite is "The Winter of Discontent", in which the band's intention to reach for the rafters is evident.  If you don't like it, you don't have a rock and roll heart (you probably don't like ice cream, or even puppies for that matter).  It is one of my favorite tracks and you can stream it below.  And if you like it, you can download it for free here --

Dot Dash's alt rock bona fides are on display for the following "Flowers", and then slide into power pop for "Rainclouds" and the glorious "Satellite (Far Out")".

This band doesn't just rock your socks off.  They are equally convincing on the more reflective end of the power pop spectrum as well.  Sample "Tatters" as a case in point --

For those who celebrate the harder rocking side of Dot Dash's brand of punky power pop, check out the dense four song stretch of "Walls Closing In", "Transparent Disguise" "Thru the Dark" and "Semaphore" (my favorite of the four) at the Bandcamp link below.

One can't overemphasize how tight this band is.  The rhythm section is perfection, the guitars soar, and Terry's vocals get better with each outing.  Not only do they sound like they have been playing for decades -- which they have -- but they sound like they've been playing together forever.  The best rock bands are those who not only consistently provide energetic, hook-filled music, but who consistently make it seem effortless.  And Dot Dash is near the head of the class on this score.

Dot Dash are Terry Banks (guitar/vocals), Steve Hansgen (guitar), Hunter Bennett (bass), and Danny Ingram (drums), all of whom are veterans of other great bands.  They recorded the album in North Carolina with Mitch Easter, who also has worked with R.E.M., The dB's, Superchunk, and Pavement, among others.  The album can be purchased in CD format from The Beautiful Music, or in digital form from Bandcamp or the usual online vendors.

Bandcamp for album
The Beautiful Music

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