Friday, April 3, 2015

"Emily" from the Eversons (free download)

There is nothing quite like a good love song, and "Emily", while a very good song, in not a song about good love.  What does all that blather mean?  Just watch the video for this song from The Eversons and see unrequited love, hot sauce in the face, dancing dumplings and the cameo appearance of an '80s flying V guitar.  The stream is below, as well as the B-side "Stuck In New Zealand.  If you  click on the cover art for the "Emily" single below you'll be able to download both songs for zero dollars and zero cents.  Dumplings are not included.

The Eversons are Mark Turner, Christopher Young, Blair Everson, Tim Shann, and Jacob Moore.  Their sophomore album will be available later this year on Lil' Chief Records.


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