Monday, April 20, 2015

The Fleas - Telling Tales

Telling Tales is four-song EP from UK five-piece The Fleas.  To my ears, its primary purpose is to make the listener feel good.  And it totally succeeds.  A bit too funky to be folk, and a bit too dedicated to storytelling to be rock, it builds on energy, joy and diversity.  Telling Tales opens with the enthusiastic folk jam "Free".  You likely will play it over a couple of times before you play the other songs.  That's OK, I did too, and the other songs are patient.  However, to get to to move on, I'll point out that "Free" is a free download.  The following "Born to Run" is a slick dose of energy.  "She Doesn't Miss You" is a slice of indie soul, and it is good enough that you might feel bad about spending so much time with "Free", which by now you have downloaded anyway.  The band leaves you on a big note with the rocking "No More Tears".

You can stream the entire EP at the Soundcloud link below.  It is available on April 27

The Fleas are Piers (lead vocals/guitar), Bernadette (vocals/percussion/glockenspiel), Mannie (vocals/drums), Woody (bass/upright bass), and Chris (lead guitar).


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Unknown said...

Thanks for the positive review Scott. You totally get what The Fleas are about. and you've introduced us to Lilith Ai, gotta love that Yeah Yeah track. Woody