Friday, April 24, 2015

The Charlatans (UK) - Modern Nature

After over two decades as a band and the deaths of a couple of key members, The Charlatans prove that they remain the masters of the rock music with a delectable groove, soulful vocals and a bit of funky vibe.  Their latest offering is Modern Nature, which offers that and a good bit more.  This is the sound of a band that is doing more than just defending their place in pop music; it is the sound of a band that continues to refine and push the boundaries of their music.  Building on their foundations, including welcome elements of the Manchester sound, the band infuses the new collection of songs with warmth and optimism (e.g. "So Oh" and "Come Home Baby").  Still relevant, still exciting, this is another triumph from The Charlatans.

The Charlatans are Tim Burgess, Mark Collins, Martin Blunt, and Tony Rogers.  Modern Nature is out now via BMG Chrysalis.  The album is available as a digital download, CD or on vinyl.  There also are deluxe CD and vinyl versions with bonus tracks.


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